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  • Ari Ketola

We Deliver Operational Training 24/7, Worldwide

Airport College International's eLearning courses provide industry newcomers, experienced professionals and organisations with essential ground handling knowledge for sustainable compliance of the regulations and tools for day-to-day work.

You can train your staff online, anywhere in the world, at a time that suits your organisation. eLearning courses are available 24/7 worldwide.

Check out our eLearning courses that comply with international regulations:

Send your enquiry to our sales team for more information.

We Are the Global Leader in Ground Handling eLearning

Our online courses are used in over 140 countries around the world. Airport College International is proud to offer online eLearning courses in multiple languages to support your company's training challenges.

We are actively looking for new clients and would like to provide you with our solutions for tackling industry-wide challenges.

Do You Want to Hear More?

If you want to improve your company’s training productivity today you can contact us right now, we know how this can be done.

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