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How it works? offers broad selection of online eLearning courses and when needed a client specific training portal. The service includes selected eLearning self-study courses, automated certificate issuance and complete training records. The training portal is customised according to the client company brand, and it can be integrated with competence management systems. service provides employees, administrators, training coordinators and management with easy access to courses and training records. Follow these instructions to take a course as student or to manage courses assigned to your organization.

For employees

Step-by-step instructions for course takers

Ask your supervisor/employer for a permission to attend a course.
They will register you as a student. You can start taking courses at any time.


Fill in your personal data, email address and submit the password you have received.


All courses are based on self-study and the length of each course varies between 30 and 90 minutes. You will receive guidance during the course on how to complete all the steps and proceed to the final test.


Each course has a final test in the end to ensure you have assimilated the contents of the course. Once you have passed the final test, you (and your supervisor/employer) will receive a course certificate by email (you will be asked to submit your email address during login). Your course completion data is sent to your employer’s training records.

1. Login

2. Study the course

3. Pass the Final Test & Certificate

For Employers

Instructions for employers & training administration

Administration of courses for your staff is very simple and effortless.

1. Setup

Issuing new users for any course is done by a company ID, which you can share to your course users. From this step on, the user proceeds through the course on a self-service principle.

2. Notifications

With Training Service you can monitor learner activities and receive real time notification on course performance of your employees. You will receive advanced notifications on competencies that need to be updated.

3. Reporting

You can access complete real time reports on course completions and the system keeps track on the competencies of your employees. Full support for audit reports.

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