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  • Ari Ketola

Strong Caribbean Market Entry

Aviation has a significant impact on the Caribbean, supporting the region’s connections between cities, laying the groundwork for the region’s economic success and creating thousands of jobs. Airport College International wants to be involved in supporting the growth of the region and the companies in the aviation industry by training their staff.

New Representative in the Caribbean Region

We have appointed a representative, e Learning Services Ltd., to cover 28 countries in the Caribbean to serve as the first point of contact for our ground handling and airline clients.

Mr. Francis Scantlebury, CEO of the e Learning Services Ltd. and his team will make their utmost to serve the industry by bringing their extensive experience from the aviation industry.

Several New Deals in the Caribbean

We are pleased with the positive reception from the market and have recently signed several long-term contracts with clients who use our online training service for their staff training.

Cost-effective Training Available 24/7 Globally

Studies indicate that eLearning has the potential to reduce training related costs significantly, by up to 80%. At Airport College we are the experts in eLearning services for the airlines and the ground handling sector globally. Contact us, we understand your needs.

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