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SAAA@Singapore goes eLearning

I’m pleased to announce that the Singapore Airfreight association SAAA@Singapore (formerly known as the Singapore Aircargo Agents Association) will make our eLearning courses available to their members.

Final steps for the eLearning launch were agreed in the meeting in Singapore on 4th June by Peggy Lim (right), Pauline Tok, Ari Ketola and Ronnie Chew.

Launch on July 1st 2019

All 140 active members of the SAAA@Singapore will have access to the courses from the beginning of July this summer. The courses will be available via SAAA@Singapore eLearning Portal hosted by Airport College Intl. Members can have access to the courses via Peggy Lim from SAAA@Singapore.

Singapore Airfreight is Flying High

From 2013 the amount of air cargo handled at Changi Airport in Singapore has been growing. In 2018 the total weight was over 215.000.000 tonnes.

Major expansions to the Changi Airport are creating significant opportunities to Singapore’s airfreight business.

We are honoured to support this with our online training solutions together with our local representative Worldwide GSA.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about our training solutions in Singapore (or anywhere else), please send me an email.

Best regards,


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