• Ari Ketola

Online eLearning for the Restart

Our online eLearning courses can help airlines and ground handling agents be ready for the restart of the aviation industry.

International travel restrictions will be lifted and increasing number of flights will be allowed to carry passengers again.

Airlines and Ground Handling Companies are gradually restarting operations around the world, and we are ready to provide needed training to ensure that your workforce is competent.

Are You Ready for the Restart?

We can help your organisation with our online eLearning courses when you need to refresh your workforce qualifications, and keep them compliant or provide initial training for newcomers.

We have two pricing options to suit any company needs.

  1. You can buy just one course voucher or a bundle of course vouchers.

  2. With a monthly course subscription you can easily keep your staff training up-to-date worry-free and at a discounted price.

You can choose the courses from our course portfolio or we can tailor-make courses according to your training needs.

Now is the right time to re-organise your training and we can be your outsourcing partner when this is needed.

We have a great selection of ready-to-use online training courses for:

  • Airline operations

  • Passenger Services

  • Ramp Handling

  • Cargo Handling

Courses are ideal for recurrent and refresher training for personnel returning to work after being laid off for some months. The duration of our courses is from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Browse Airport College International website and check our latest courses: https://airportcollege.com/courses-and-services/

If you don’t find courses you are looking for, we can also tailor-make courses to suit your unique needs.

You Can Train Your Staff Efficiently and Flexibly With Our Training Service, and Maintain Competences Required by Airlines and Authorities

In order to help airlines and ground handling companies return to service, we can provide discounted prices for all training courses.

Would you like to know more?

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