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News from Korea

Kumho to sell Asiana Airlines

Korean conglomerate Kumho Industrial Co. decided to sell its controlling stake of 33.47 percent in Asiana Airlines Inc., the country’s second-largest carrier.

The buyer has not yet been identified, but media reports say multiple conglomerates could be among the potential candidates to purchase the stake.

Korea raised taxes and minimum wage…

Korea raised taxes and the minimum wage in the name of economic growth. So far, it has not worked out as planned. Growth has slowed down, unemployment has risen and business owners are complaining.

The biggest problem is for small and medium size businesses, which are often unable to pass higher costs on to their customers.

Korean aviation is growing rapidly…

and one concrete example of this is our client and representative Sharp Aviation K. Their business has shown significant growth and a we are proud to continuously support this development. This week Airport College International handed a recognition of 10.000 course certificates to Sharp Aviation K in their Incheon Airport office.

Official recognition of 10.000 course certificates handed by Pertti Mero to the Sharp Aviation K training team and Mr. SS Paik, CEO and President of Sharp Aviation K.

News from Japan

40.000 New flight slots at Haneda Airport

Daytime flight slots at Haneda are slated to rise to 99,000 a year in 2020 from the current 60,000. This translates to an increase of about 50 flights per day. Half of the added capacity will be divided between Japanese and American carriers.

Olympics in 2020…

The Japanese government aims to boost the number of foreign visitors to 40 million a year in 2020.

Narita Airport is hiring more foreigners

NAA – Narita International Airport Company is hiring more foreigners to better serve non-Japanese visitors as they arrive in increasing numbers under the government’s policy to promote inbound tourism.

And finally… lack of personnel…

Japanese companies are reporting that the lack of personnel is their biggest challenge. The problem is severe in the service sector, including airport ground handling and truck transportation.

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