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News from Korea

Korean Air (KE) is working internally to raise employee satisfaction

The Korean flag carrier has initiated numerous programmes to guarantee employees more freedom in working-time management and better working schedules.

Korean Air recently held a “family day” event for the first time, inviting over 1,600 of their employees’ children to learn about their parents’ professions. Earlier this year KE also invited employees’ parents to a similar event.

Air Premia, a new LCC in Korea, starts operations in 2020

The low-cost carrier Air Premia is on track to begin operations by September 2020. The license was granted after the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approved Air Premia’s business plan. The airline provides “premium economy services”, and plans to operate flights to destinations in the U.S., Canada and Vietnam.

Four bidders shortlisted in Asiana Airlines acquisition process

Four South Korean bidders have been placed on a short list. Asiana Airlines is owned by the Kumho Asiana Group, a large South Korean conglomerate.

Jeju Air and T’way Air launch new flights to China and South East Asia

Korean LCC carriers are diverting their flights from Japanese cities to other destinations in China, Vietnam and Philippines.

Safety is the number one priority

One concrete example of the safety approach is our client and representative Sharp Aviation K. Their business has shown significant growth and we are proud to continuously support this development with our online training and reporting services.

This week Airport College International held a Safety Management Reporting project meeting with Sharp Aviation K in their Incheon Airport office.

Pertti Mero with Sharp Aviation K Training and SMS team.

Stay tuned – Next week we’ll have news from Japan

Next week we’ll update you with the latest news from Japan to where our tour will be heading next.

Thank you all for reading.

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