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Labour shortage deepens in Japan

This week we have met several industry players in Japan and wanted to share this news with you too.

The air transport sector makes a major contribution to the Japanese economy.

Aviation has a significant footprint in Japanese economy with 400,000 direct jobs and operations in 82 airports around the country.

Airlines, ground handling agents, forwarding agents and trucking companies are being forced to rethink expansion plans because they cannot fill jobs at any wage.

Aviation and logistics sectors in Japan they have significant challenges to find workforce from the market and keep them onboard for a longer time.

All industry players we have met in Japan highlighted the importance of training and we agreed of next steps with them.

We can help tackle the challenge

We at Airport College are actively looking for new clients in Japan and want to provide our training solutions to tackle to skills shortage.

Our eLearning training modules are used in more than 30 countries globally and now we are active in Japanese market.

To learn more how we help you, please drop me an email.

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