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  • Ari Ketola

Human Factors Training in Ground Handling

In the world of aviation, where punctuality and safety are priority, the human factor training in ground handling cannot be overstated. Beyond the mechanical aspects of aircraft operations, the human element plays a important role in ensuring smooth and secure ground activities.

Human factors training addresses the psychological, social and organisational factors that can affect human performance in the aviation industry. In ground handling, where personnel are responsible for a variety of tasks such as ramp, passenger, cargo and mail handling, understanding and reducing human error is critical.

Online eLearning Simulate Real-world Scenarios

A key aspect of human factors training is the promotion of a culture of communication and teamwork. Ground handling operations require coordination between different teams and individuals. Effective communication and collaboration can prevent misunderstandings and improve overall efficiency. Airport College's online eLearning simulates real-world scenarios, allowing personnel to practice skills in a controlled environment.

Fatigue and Stress are Challenges

Human factors training helps ground handling personnel to recognise and manage fatigue, promote well-being and maintain optimal performance levels. By addressing these human elements, organisations can reduce the risk of errors that can lead to accidents or incidents on the ground. It also helps ground handling personnel respond effectively to unexpected situations.

Investing in Human Factors Training is an Investment in Safety

By understanding and addressing human factors, ground handling personnel can make a significant contribution to the overall safety and efficiency of air travel. As technology advances and operations become more complex, human factors remain unchanged, highlighting the need for continuous training and development in this critical area of aviation.

We keep Human Factors Course Content Up to Date

We work with leading experts in the aviation industry to ensure that the training content is relevant and always up to date.

Our Human Factors eLearning course content is compliant with the IATA Airport Manual AHM 1110 Ground Operations Training Program GEN03-Human Factors.

The Duration of the eLearning Course

Time required to study this course is 60 minutes.

Final Test Information

  • Final test delivery method: Non-supervised online test can be taken at the end of the course

  • Final test format: Multiple choice questions Number of questions: 20 (drawn from a question bank)

  • Pass mark: 80% correct answers

Certificate Awarded

Upon successful completion of the final test, a participant will be awarded with an eCertificate.


80 euro per user. Ask for a special price for 10 or more users.

We Are the Global Leader in Ground Handling eLearning

Our online courses are used in over 140 countries around the world. Airport College International is proud to offer online eLearning courses in multiple languages to support your company's training challenges.

We are actively looking for new clients and would like to provide you with our solutions for tackling industry-wide challenges.

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