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How our teams design new online training courses?

The initial idea to design a new course is always based on the client’s need we have identified. Everything starts by understanding the targets of the course – what should be learned, why and by whom?

Depending on what type of skills and capabilities the course aims to promote we distill the most essential content pieces to be used in the course and select the most suitable methods from our method library that contains a wide variety of evidence-based, tested methods for different learning purposes and challenges.

The course concept plan is constructed next, containing a description of course content and methods that are applied in each part of the course. The plan transforms into a storyboard document which is a detailed description of course content and the use of different interactions and elements that are used to provide a meaningful, emotional, exciting and efficient learning experience.

We call the final phase of course production “enrichment”, simply because this is when the course turns alive when the different building blocks are put together and the course is finalized for the users. Each course needs maintenance and updating at times to ensure its up-to-date and meets the changing learning needs.

This is the first step when we create our ready-to-use and client specific online e-Learning courses. In coming weeks we will provide more “behind the scenes information” for your, so stay tuned.

We think you’ll find…

Our frequent newsletter readers and clients know that we have developed a nice set of online courses together with our airline, ground handling and forwarding agent clients and I hope you’ll find something interesting from our offering. Please browse our courses (

If you don’t find courses you are looking for we can also tailor-made courses according to your needs.

Do you want to know more?

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