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Higher profit margins with training

The tightening labour market in the airport ground operations concerns all industry players. Businesses are fighting to hire new workforce and trying to keep their current employees onboard.

According to labor market studies and the Association for Talent Development (ATD):

  1. 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if companies invest in their career development.

  2. Companies with good training programs have 24% higher profit margin than those companies that spend less efforts on training.

We at are answering these challenges in two important ways:

First, we offer numerous online courses for safety, security and service topics designed specifically for the people in airline and ground handling operations.

Second, online training can be the key to engaging students and keeping them onboard longer.

We at Airport College are actively supporting all parties by providing training solutions for safer aviation and better customer experience.

Our eLearning training modules are used in more than 30 countries globally. Topics cover all important areas of ground handling operations.

To learn more how we help our clients, please drop me an email.

Best regards, Pertti

P.S. Please remember that a well-trained employee who knows safety and security practices performs better!


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