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Free training resources

Dear reader, Thanks for reading our weekly newsletter!

You can watch and use few our training videos and a course for free. To get you started, here are a few of our favourites.

When you need to describe how an Unit Load Device (ULD) is loaded, just jump to the “Building A Pallet in 60 seconds” video. For your information, this video is used by FAA for their International training in the USA.

We have used ”The 60 seconds” concept also to present the aircraft turnaround process. Feel free to use it when ever you need. The video can been seen from here.

And, if you feel like to take and share our FREE safety course for Lithium Batteries Fires in the Passenger Cabin, just click the link below to send the email to us. You will receive the access details in few minutes.

Feel free to share this offer with your colleagues. CLICK HERE to send email to us.

Take a look at any of these resources, I’m very proud of them.

Best regards,



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