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First impression is important!

The customers’ first impression is most important especially when working in the service sector as “You will never get a second change to make first impression”, like Head & Shoulders commercial slogan for shampoo stated some years ago.

Service design companies very often talk far too much and act too little. I personally believe that the art of good customer service and etiquette can be adhered to when you know your basics and mind your customer.

The basic rules of good customer service can be summarized as follows: 1. Know your business. 2. Arrange tools to do the business. 3. Listen to your customer. 4. Impress customer with a smile.

Two first elements includes infrastructure, equipment and adequate training to employees. These must be arranged by the management of the company. Two last items in the list are related to the skills, attitude and motivation of customer service staff. People may have an excellent service attitude, but they can only succeed in their work when they have proper tools, guidelines and full management support.

We at can help aviation and logistic companies to meet international service standards and reduce training related costs with e-learning. Just contact us to hear how we can do it?



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