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eLearning as an effective means of heightening productivity

When well-designed e-learning online products are used the training related saving potential is huge, up to 80%.

Infographic: Classroom training vs. eLearning

Infographic shows cost structure for classroom training and learning. Example is based on an airline training where 1600 members of cabin staff were trained to use a new reporting system. Calculation does not include travel & lodging expenses related to classroom training.

A strong argument can be made to suggest that companies embrace online eLearning as an effective means of heightening their productivity.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. It reaches out to employees who, for various reasons, were often excluded from traditional training venues.

  2. Online training can be delivered more generously to all employees since courses cost less than bringing in an expert trainer or sending employees off-site to learn skills and knowledge.

  3. Online courses can be developed with a high degree of customisation to deliver precisely the needed skills of employees in specific situations.

  4. eLearning allow for more flexibility. Employees can study e.g. during breaks in their workday.

We at have number of ready to use e-learning products available to cover security, safety and service related training needs with standardized and authority approved content.

If you don’t use e-learning yet, you can start to improve your company’s productivity today. Team


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