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Better business with happy people

Forbes Magazine headlined gallup results of 230 000 employees in 142 countries, which found that only 13 per cent of workers felt engaged to their jobs and 87 were not! I could not believe that this is true. Think what a waste of human energy we have in every work place. We are not enjoying the daily work were we spend one third of 24 hours usually five times a week. So, something need to be done.

Managers and human resource & development departments should take this seriously when defining strategies how to create better human capital for the company as it is the essential element to the success.

Training is one of the key of elements to familiarize corporate principles for newcomers and keep pros motivated to perform even better. We at Airport believe that well trained people are happier, do business better and encourage organizations to learn more how e-learning can help us to perform better.

Learn more about our e-learning courses for aviation and logistics industries at and contact us.



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