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Are you prepared to tackle upcoming challenges?

Finding, retaining and developing suitable employees is a central concern for the aviation industry. Read this blog and learn what challenges the aviation sector is facing in the near future and what solutions are available.

IATA conducted a global survey of over 100 leading HR professionals at airlines, airports and ground handling service providers.

They listed 5 key topics you need to know:

1. Significant growth in jobs is forecast

Three job roles with the highest anticipated growth are:

  1. Ground operations

  2. Customer service

  3. Cabin crew

2. Finding new employees is a much bigger challenge than dealing with retirements

Recruitment of new employees is the biggest challenge the aviation industry faces.

3. Current training initiatives are not effective enough

The quality of training programmes is not satisfactory. Organisations are looking for help from external partners to improve the training.

4. Providing training in safety and customer service skills are higher priorities than IT and digital skills

Safety and customer service skills have critical importance and training staff to master these skills is a top priority.

5. Technology is changing the customer service role

Traditional customer service roles need to be evolved to deliver a smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable experience throughout the entire passenger journey.

Our online Recruitment and Training services were designed to address these issues. We can help your company overcome upcoming challenges in competence acquisition, training and performance management.

Please drop me an email to discuss more.

Best regards, Pertti


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