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Airport College International Goes Space

People have always found ways to prosper from their environments and we will do so in space too.

“We are in the vanguard of a new industry determined to pioneer twenty-first century spacecraft, which will open space to everybody — and change the world for good.” Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Galactic

We at Airport College International can fully agree with Sir Richard Branson’s views that the borders which are fought over on earth are human made lines. On the contrary, in space there is much more that unites than divides us.

First human on the moon 50 years ago.

eLearning is good for space travel too

We at want to take part in the process and support the industry to concuer space. Our role is to provide high value and cost-efficient online eLearning, especially designed for Space Travel, and we are ready. Stay tuned for more information to come soon…

We create more online courses according to market needs

If you would like to know more about us and our training solutions, please send your request by e-mail directly to me.Pertti


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