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What topics should an Information Security Online Course cover?

We are now writing the second version of this course and encourage you to provide us with information about your special needs for this important topic.

According to studies employees often do not see themselves as part of the company’s information security efforts and therefore take actions that ignore their company’s security interests.

Employees’ behaviour plays a central role in information security in organisations and the security culture needs to be improved continuously. Our Information Security Online eLearning Training Course is designed for personnel to gain relevant knowledge and acquire practical skills as to how to avoid information security mistakes.

Information security is the practice of preventing unauthorized access to information – electronic and physical.

The purpose of this online course is to

  1. Provide information as to how employees can avoid information security mistakes.

  2. Provide skills for new employees and refresh the skills of current employees.

  3. Help companies arrange training flexibly.

  4. Help companies gain compliance with information security recommendations.

Airport College International wanted to help organisations tackle information security challenges and created an Information Security eLearning Training Course.

Cyber Security vs. Information Security

What do you think, should the course content focus more on Cyber Security or Information Security? Should the course title even be Cyber Security eLearning?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and share your ideas.



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