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  • Ari Ketola

Threatening Customers eLearning course

Incidents involving unruly passengers are an ongoing concern for airlines and authorities. They are happening in all parts of the world and in all travel classes.

What is unruly behaviour?
  • ​Excessive drinking during or before the flight

  • Use of drugs or mixing them with alcohol during or before the flight

  • Not complying with ground or cabin crew instructions

  • Being violent verbally or physically

  • Distracting ground or cabin crew from their duties

How to identify early signals of potential disruptive situations?

We have designed an online eLearning course as to how to identify early signals of potential disruptive situations and how to handle these challenging customer service situations.

Our unique Virtual Trainer simulations enable learners to practice these challenging situations in a safe and interactive environment.

This online eLearning course is designed for airline and ground handling personnel who work in direct, phone or online contact with customers. These include personnel working in booking, check-in, gate, lounge, tax-free shops, cabin and arrival services, etc.

Course content

  • Introduction

  • Preventive measures for risks in the working environment

  • Facing a threatening customer

  • Practical real-life scenarios

  • Case 1 – Telephone service

  • Case 2 – Check-In

  • Case 3 – Passenger boarding at Gate

  • Case 4 – During Flight

  • Case 5 – During Flight

  • Case 6 – Arrival Service

  • Acting in and after a threatening situation

  • Course Summary

  • Final test

Course duration

Time required to study this course is 1 hour.

This course is designed for personnel working in:

  • Booking

  • Check-in

  • Gate Services

  • Lounges

  • Arrival services

  • Cabin Attendants

  • Other curstomer service roles

Certificate awarded

Upon successful completion of the final test, a participant will be awarded with an eCertificate.

Course references

IATA Guidance on Unruly Passenger Prevention and Management.


80 EUR per user. If you have 10 or more users, ask for a special price.

Would You Like to Know More?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

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