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  • Ari Ketola

Start Collaboration to Renew Ground Handling Training

The aviation industry is on the road to a renewed focus on sustainability which will be driven by incorporating new technologies and digital tools. These new emerging trends are quickly transforming the whole industry.

Ground Handling companies are involved in this, and have expressed concerns on how investments can be financed and implemented properly in collaboration with other industry players. Many of them have difficulties attracting new employees and get them quickly onboard to ground handling operations. Most Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) consider this to be a dominant challenge. But how to find solutions and get rid of these challenges?

GHAs should actively seek collaboration with other service providers in the field, such as training companies, which have proven solutions for tackling training challenges. It will be exciting to see how industry evolves and tackles these shared issues.

Train Your Staff, Maintain Competences and Pass Audits

We can help your organisation with our online eLearning courses whenever you need them. Should you need to refresh your workforce qualifications and keep them compliant, or provide initial training for newcomers.

Browse our website and check our latest courses at

We Are the Global Leader in Ground Handling eLearning

Our online courses are used in more than 140 countries around the world. Airport College International is proud to offer online eLearning courses in several languages to support your company training challenges.

We are actively looking for new customers and want to offer you our solutions for industry-wide challenges.

When You Want to Get More Information

When you would like to know more about our training services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Just send an email to us at:

Best regards, Pertti


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