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PRESS RELEASE: Airport College and ALTA partnership

PRESS RELEASE: Airport College International and ALTA formalize a partnership to provide online training for the Latin American and Caribbean aviation industry

Panama February 16, 2023 – 30+ eLearning programs are offered by Airport College International Ltd, a training company that offers online eLearning courses to airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics' companies. All this training potential is now available to members of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), as Airport College International joins the association as an educational partner.

Through ALTA's Educational Hub, members of the regional aviation industry will be able to benefit from all the courses offered by this Finland-based company, whose programs are used in just over 140 countries throughout the world.

"We are convinced that thanks to these partnerships we will support aviation companies and professionals in Latin America and Caribbean to continue their training, empower themselves and create opportunities for more people," says José Ricardo Botelho, ALTA's Executive Director & CEO.

"The aviation industry faces a huge challenge in delivering training for new workforce. The industry needs to attract new talents by providing new training methods and forward-looking career paths. At the same time, the training should be relevant, user-friendly and cost-effective. Together with ALTA we can provide sustainable training solutions for the future,” states Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero.

Airport College International Ltd is an official member of Education Finland, an education export program that offers Finnish learning solutions and educational expertise in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

This new ALTA educational partner constantly draws from leading experts in the aviation industry to ensure that training content is relevant and always up to date. In addition, it is possible to customize course content to meet the specific needs of whoever is seeking the training.

"We also actively discuss with authorities and relevant parties in different regions to get the latest information and best practices for the development of courses in order to better serve our customers," says Ari Ketola, COO of Airport College International Ltd, whose hub is located at the airport in Helsinki, Finland.

Thanks to this new partnership, ALTA aims to bring cutting-edge education to the regional industry and contribute to making its members more competitive and providing a better service every day, Botelho highlights.

"We are very pleased to have Airport College in our Educational Hub, given the quality of the content of its academic offerings and professionalism as a company. Our members will have access to ramp, passenger/customer service and cargo courses for their staff, which will support the development of important competencies for the running of their daily operations," comments Ana Persiani, ALTA’s Head of Aviation Training.

About Airport College International Ltd.

Airport College International provides a complete online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics in safety, security and service topics. With the training service our clients can efficiently and flexibly train their staff and maintain competences required by airlines and authorities. Airport College International is a strategic partner of IATA.

About ALTA

ALTA is a private non-profit association serving the airline industry whose objective is to develop a safer, more efficient, and sustainable aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean. ALTA coordinates collaborative efforts throughout the entire value chain maximizing the impact that aviation has on the economic and social growth of the region for the benefit of industry, nations, and populations served by air transport.

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