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News from Japan

More flights to Haneda airport

Seven countries including Australia, China, Finland, India, Italy, Turkey and Russia have won 26 of the 50 new international slots created at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport in the run-up to next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

International slots increase at Haneda from the current 60,000 to about 99,000 per year.

Delta Airlines will fully transfer its flights from Narita International Airport to Tokyo International Airport at Haneda, bringing their operations closer to central Tokyo.

Airport College international met its clients and partners in Tokyo. Pertti Mero and Takeshi Yokoyama with WAI Western Associate’s management in their Tokyo office.

Zipair Tokyo is a new low-cost airline based in Narita Airport, owned by Japan Airlines. The airline is expected to commence operations in 2020 to Korea and Thailand.

Severe lack of personnel

Japanese companies are increasingly reporting that the lack of personnel is their biggest challenge. The problem is severe in the service sector, including airport ground handling and truck transportation.

Seven-Eleven Japan to end some 24-hour operations

Seven-Eleven Japan will end 24-hour operations at some outlets, becoming the first major convenience store operator to scale back around-the-clock hours as they are finding it increasingly difficult to staff the night shift.

Stay tuned – Next week we’ll have news from the Philippines

Next week we’ll update you with the latest news from the Philippines to where our tour will be heading next.

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