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  • Ari Ketola

Merry Christmas!

We wish all our customers, business associates and friends happiness for this holiday season and throughout the new year!

Airport College Team


Christmas Traditions in Finland

Many Finnish Christmas traditions have remained the same for decades, and many want to preserve their traditions from generation to generation.

Christmas Eve is the Most Important

Homes are decorated and a Christmas tree takes centre stage. The tree can be found in the forest, bought from a professional seller or an artificial one can be bought in a shop.

The celebration of Christmas Eve contains a lot of atmosphere and traditions, which are created by many candles indoors and outdoor lights such as snowball and ice lanterns.

Families on the eve also have a lot of other fun together, enjoying traditional dinner followed by a visit from "Joulupukki", the Finnish Santa Claus, with gifts.

Sauna is Part of the Christmas Tradition

Contrary to the usual evening sauna, the time of the sauna can be early in the morning or during the day. Saunas have been used for thousands of years and are still popular today. The benefits of taking a sauna can include relieving pain, reducing stress and improving cardiovascular health.

Did you know that the nation of 5.5 million people has over three million saunas?

Santa Claus is from Finland

Santa Claus has made Lapland in northern Finland his home for centuries, and the Arctic Circle is close to his heart because many of the secrets of Christmas are rooted in this magical place.

We would like to wish you all a very relaxing and peaceful holiday season.


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