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Cyber Security is Critical

The importance and value of cyber security activities are most noticeable when they have been threatened, breached or violated. Depending on the nature of the case in question, they can lead to very serious consequences.

It is essential that everyone in the organisation fully understands what corporate security, information security and cyber security mean.

Information Leaks Have Serious Consequences

According to questionnaires directed at IT leaders in a number of companies, information leaks will cause serious consequences for international companies in future.

It is estimated that up to one third of all companies may have to discontinue their business as a result of information leaks.

Over half the companies interviewed stated that they had experienced information leaks during the past two years. The majority of leaks were the result of human error. One quarter of the leaks were caused intentionally.

Cyber Security eLearning course

We have developed a cyber security eLearning course to support ground handing companies, airlines and logistics companies in personnel training. The course highlights every staff member's personal responsibility, knowledge and awareness. Remember that attitude and commitment to company goals are the key elements of good cyber security.

This course is based on

  • ICAO Annex 17

  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1583

  • IATA - Compilation of Cyber Security Regulations, Standards, and Guidance Applicable to Civil Aviation

Other significant policy makers and their requirements are followed too: European Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1583 and IATA Compilation of Cyber Security Regulations, Standards, and Guidance Applicable to Civil Aviation.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, a course participant will be able to:

  • understand that the aviation business depends heavily on IT systems, and the reliability of data and employees' behaviour all play a central role in information security.

  • follow general rules of preventing unauthorized access to information - electronic and physical.

  • understand why information security in organisations and the security culture need to be improved continuously.

This course is designed for

All personnel.

The duration of the eLearning course

Time required to study this course is 60 minutes.

Final test information

  • Final test delivery method: Non-supervised online test can be taken at the end of the course

  • Final test format: Multiple choice questions

  • Number of questions: 20 (drawn from a question bank)

  • Pass mark: 80% correct answers

Certificate awarded

Upon successful completion of the final test, a participant will be awarded with an eCertificate.


  • 80 euro per user

  • Ask for a special price for 10 or more users

If you want to get more information

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to know more. Just send us an email to get more information.

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