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Virtual Reality ULD Training with ULD CARE

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with ULD CARE to bring Virtual Reality (VR) to ULD inspection training.

In the near future, we will jointly bring a cost effective and measurable ULD training solution to the market for the tens of thousands of employees who work with ULD’s around the world.

When a ULD is loaded into an aircraft it becomes a part of the aircraft and is subject to the same performance standards as all other components of the aircraft. This means that a ULD is required to be inspected for damage before use and loading into the aircraft.

There is evidence that ULD’s are routinely carried on flights unsafely, running the risk of inadequate cargo restraint, and also causing damage to aircraft cargo holds as shown in the pictures below. With proper training, these problems can be significantly reduced.

Pictures © ULD CARE

VR technology offers affordable opportunities for ULD Training

VR technology opens significant possibilities to improve aviation safety by providing effective and measurable training for ramp and cargo terminal personnel, in the key areas of inspecting containers, pallets and nets for damage before use.

We have combined training and gaming elements in our VR solution with advanced scenarios and detailed feedback to take aviation training to the next level. This training solution will soon be available for your organisation.

Would you like to know more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



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