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Training is an important investment

Training is a necessary investment for organisations simply because they can’t function without it!

The expenditure is huge as it takes resources to organise it. Especially an aggressively competitive market like aviation organisations must be thrifty all the time. Maximizing return of investment is naturally a top concern for them because of shrinking margins. e-Learning can maximize the return on training investment in a number of ways as it saves time and money, minimizes the time away from the job, is highly cost-effective and flexible, just to mention a few benefits.


We at Airport believe that training is one of the key elements of sustainable business for companies operating at airports around the world. High quality training solutions should be applied to newcomers and seasoned professionals to maintain high company profile and keep people motivated to perform even better.

We have learned that training can be organized in such a way that training ROTI (Return On Training Investment) makes management happy and keeps employees qualified and satisfied.

Learn more about our e-learning courses for aviation and logistics industries at and contact us.

Pertti Mero CEO, Founding Partner


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