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Training for Safe ULD Operations

Free 60 Seconds Awareness Videos

Airport College International and ULD CARE provide free video tools for the air cargo industry. The concept includes a series of multi-language videos for safe ULD inspection, handling and storage.

You can find more ULD60seconds information here

Our Approach to ULD Training

Operational staff directly involved in ULD operations, either in the planning of their use or in physical contact, shall be trained on a regular basis as required in the IATA ULD Regulations.

This training requirement applies to a large number of staff working at airport operations and logistics for which we have created our comprehensive set of ULD training tools.

These tools include eLearning courses, 60 seconds videos and Virtual Reality (VR) training tools to ensure and improve proper ULD handling around the world.

ULD Awareness eLearning course coming out soon

We are constantly developing new training tools for our customers. In June 2021, we will launch a new online eLearning ULD Awareness training course for operational staff.

This brand-new course will be available in English and we are fully prepared to provide other language versions according to our clients' needs.

Would you like to know more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. Just send us an email for further details.

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