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Tailored online courses for your needs

We offer a nice selection of ready made online courses and the offering is growing. However, the training needs of the aviation industry can not be served only with off-the-shelf courses and therefore our development team is working with several tailored courses for individual clients.

Photo session in the Helsinki airport

eLearning course for the Passenger Bridge Operators

At the moment one of our custom course projects is an eLearning course for the Passenger Bridge Operators. This eLearning course is the theory part of the training which must be completed before the practical sessions at the real passenger bridge.

Tailored courses to meet your needs

Some examples of the topics we have worked with: Cyber Security, Travel Documents, Company Induction for New Staff, AEO, Security Searching of an Aircraft, SMS (Safety Management System), Pharmaceutical Cargo Handling, Lithium Batteries, DGR…just to name a few.

If you need a training which is not in our course catalog, please drop us an email to open discussion. I’m sure we can find a win-win solution where both parties benefit.

Best regards,

Ari Ketola


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