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News from our Asian tour

Airport Authority of Hong Kong…

is spending HKs141.5 billion to build a third runway and new passenger concourse. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024 increasing the number of passengers using the airport by 30 million a year. In 2018, the airport handled more than 74 million passengers, a record for a single year.

Ground Handling companies in Hong Kong…

tell that it’s not unusual that over 50% of their personnel will leave the company before they have worked one year. This leads to a challenge to provide just-on-time training effectively and get new employees onboard as quickly as possible. We are providing perfect solutions to address this challenge.

Philippines aviation is growing rapidly…

and we learned that some new arrangements in the field of ground handling have been established recently. We are looking forward to learn more about the Philippines market with our representative PTC Mil-Com Aviation Center. We had a great start last week when we met some of the major ground handling companies with Dino Santos of PTC.

From left Ari, Dino and Pertti

Stay tuned

Next week we’ll update you with the latest news from Japan and Korea to where our tour will be heading next.

Thank you all for reading.

Best regards, Pertti


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