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Inspiring innovations

We had a great discussion yesterday, during our morning coffee break, about innovations and how they become part of peoples’ daily life wherever they live. Many of these interesting inventions did not sound too realistic and doable when launched, but after a while it’s hard to think of life without them. I want to share the most interesting ones with my readers.

Here’s some of our findings…circular runways, drones, online shopping, space tourism and eLearning. While throwing thoughts and ideas around these topics we realized how quickly some inventions change the way people live. Who believed 20 years ago that so many things would be purchased online?

We collected some interesting articles and links about these items. Taka a moment to ventilate your brain, have a cup of coffee and check out some of the links below.

Could circular runways solve some of aviation’s challenges? [embedyt][/embedyt]

Drones in logistics: 5 surprising uses for your business

Drone Logistics and Transportation market worth 29.06 billion USD by 2027

8 Amazing Things People Said When Online Shopping Was Born 20 Years Ago

Commercial Spaceflight Is Getting Really Cheap, Really Fast

NASA Wants to Send Humans to the Moon and Mars

Can We Learn Anything Online?

Ground handling training

Is online training a way to ensure that all ground handling employees share the same basic skills and knowledge, and can this be verified when audited?

Do you think this is possible and what are the obstacles?

Please post your thoughts to our LinkedIn page comments.

I hope this gave you some fresh food for thought.

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