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  • Ari Ketola

Insights from the Athens Summit 2023

This week Airport College International participated in the "Athens Summit 2023," a dynamic event that brought together key players in the aviation industry, including ground handling companies, airlines, pharmaceutical service providers, and various stakeholders. Here's a brief overview of our experiences and key takeaways from this important event.

Airport College on Stage

One of the highlights of the summit was a presentation by Mr. Pertti Mero, the CEO of Airport College International, titled "ULD - a Knowledge Industry." He introduced an innovative ULD (Unit Load Device) training concept, featuring ULD Awareness eLearning and quick, 3-minute microlearning modules aimed at enhancing employee learning.

Mr. Mero moderated a panel discussion.

An initiative announced during the presentation was "The ULD Challenge 2023." This project invites airlines, ground handlers, and forwarders to participate in a year-long effort to reduce ULD damages. The project involves in-depth analysis of the reasons behind damages and accidents, training with the new ULD training concept, and outcome analysis. The results and recommendations will be presented in 2024 conference.

Panel Discussions

Mr. Mero also moderated a panel discussion that revolved around cost-effective staff training, with a focus on handling of ULDs. Panelists shared their valuable insights and recommendations, making it an interesting session for the audience.

Panellist were:

  • Ms. Vivien Lau, Chief Executive, Jardine Aviation Services Group

  • Mr. Steven Polmans, Chairman, TIACA

  • Mr. Henrik Ambak, SVP Cargo Operations Worldwide, Emirates

  • Mr. Terry Waithe, Manager ULD Logistics and AC Cool, Air Canada

  • Mr. Abdullah Al-Mumayiz, Manager Network ULD Qatar Airways

Mr. Mero also participated a panel discussion, titled "Delivering on our objectives," featured discussions on setting goals and ambitions for the next 12 months aligned with ULD CARE's mission and vision. The panelists emphasized the importance of effective planning and execution in achieving these objectives.

Key Takeaways

The Athens Summit 2023 addressed several critical topics, including staff shortages, cost-effective training solutions, the integration of new technologies in aviation operations, asset management, aviation safety, leadership, and management.

Cornerstones of safe aviation are:

  • Sustainability

  • Safety

  • Knowledge and Training

  • Digitalisation

Networking and Future Prospects

Our participation in the summit led to numerous fruitful discussions and networking opportunities. In conclusion, we're delighted with the outcomes of the Athens Summit 2023.

Athens has been a fantastic host and we look forward to returning for future events.

Best regards,

Pertti and Ari


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