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  • Ari Ketola

Greetings From Athens

This week Airport College International participated in the Reunion - an event that brought together people from many fields of aviation.

This was unique a event in Athens that is bringing back all major ground handling companies and stakeholders back under the same roof.

ULD CARE, ASA Leadership Forum, Air Cargo Handling & Logistics, Airfreight Pharma and AGS Global Networking Summit.

Yes, all these six events took place at the same time at Grand Hyatt Athens. As we all know, it's been a while since the last face-to-face seminars and it was very nice to be able to meet people in person again. We had many meetings with old and new faces.

Airport College on Stage

On the first full day of the event on Monday, Airport College COO Ari Ketola gave a presentation on the main stage as part of the Innovation Showcase with the title "Applying New Technology to Training". He described current global challenges created by massive staff turnover and the quick recovery of travel, and how these can be tackled with modern training methods. He explained how Airport College International's clients have combined eLearning & classroom training, added virtual reality modules that allow a realistic experience to practice skills, and used a VR environment to test skills.

Airport College CEO Pertti Mero participated on a panel which was titled "Safety First". Other panellists included Vince Voon, COO of SATCO, Randy Chappell of SATCO, Markus Schnefuss, Operations Director of Frankfurt Cargo Services and Dan Ziegler, CCO of Macro Industries.

On Tuesday Mr. Mero gave a presentation on "Smart ULD is only part of the story, the workplace also needs smart people" and moderated the panel discussion after the presentation. The panel discussed how to organise and manage staff training in a cost-effective manner when staff turnover is high.

Panellist were Frank Mühlenkamp, Global Operations Manager of Jettainer, Alan Glen, VP Cargo Development of Metzies, Chris Notter, Consultant and Randy Chappell of SATCO.

Takeaways From the Events

The main topics discussed were staff shortage, cost-effective training, applying new technology in operations, regaining control of assets, aviation safety as well as leadership and management.  

Our numerous discussions and meetings also generated a lot of homework after the events, in the form of sending several offers and opening many new business discussions.

We are very pleased with the outcomes of the event and the fact that we co-hosted it. This enabled a large number of networking opportunities.

Goodbye Athens, we will come here again!

Best regards,

Pertti and Ari


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