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Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and Damage Prevention

FOD is any object that does not belong near to aircraft and, as a result, can injure personnel or damage aircraft and other equipment. According to Boeing the resulting damage is estimated to cost the aerospace industry $4 billion a year.


FOD includes a wide range of material, including loose hardware, pieces of luggage, cargo supporting material and plastic pallet covers.

A FOD-prevention program of training, facility inspection and coordination between all affected parties can minimize FOD and its effects.

A program to control airport FOD is most effective when it addresses four main areas:

  1. Training.

  2. Inspection by airline, airport, and airplane handling agency personnel.

  3. Maintenance.

  4. Coordination.

Airlines, ground handling agents and airport operators can reduce this cost by taking steps to prevent airport FOD.

If you are running a FOD prevention program at you station and need a training course we can help you. Just drop an e-mail and we will provide more information.

Best regards Pertti


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