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Do you know what an ODLN is?

Just like any other aircraft component, Unit Load Devices (ULD) are regulated to ensure flight safety under all circumstances. These rules are defined by the governing bodies and put into national legislation by each national Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

All certified containers and pallets must be inspected for damage before each use. If the container or pallet has been damaged beyond a certain amount, it will no longer be airworthy and is not safe to load on an aircraft.

The Operational Damage Limits Notice (ODLN) can be found on the ULD, making it easy for an operator or ground handling agent to inspect and decide if the ULD is still airworthy.

Please check what needs to be checked before each use.

All operational personnel must be trained

ULD operations training must be provided to all persons involved in ULD operations, regardless of their being employed by the carrier or a non-airline organization such as Ground Service Providers, freight forwarders or shippers/consignees, ground transportation service providers (e.g. trucking companies) or ULD leasing/rental service providers.

Training requirements apply to wholly employed, part time, or contracted personnel

We can help you in training

We at can help airlines, ground handling agents and logistic companies to meet the new ULD handling training standards with our cost effective ULD Handling e-Learning course. We know what it takes to provide required training, just contact us to hear how we do it with you.

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