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Critical Human Factors at work

Human factors is about understanding our behaviour and factors that are critical to our performance. People play a central role in airport operations as 80% of apron accidents and incidents involve some type of human error or violation of company policies, processes, or procedures.

Our Human Factors online eLearning training course is designed for personnel to gain relevant knowledge, understanding and practical skills to understand how we humans are acting and how to avoid human errors in the airport operations.

The purpose of this online course is to

  1. Provide information how to avoid human errors and reduce the risk of incidents, accidents and damages.

  2. Provide skills for new employees or refresh the skills of current employees.

  3. Help companies arrange training flexibly.

  4. Help companies gain compliance with current requirements and recommendations.

The primary focus of any human factors initiative or training course is to improve safety and efficiency by reducing and managing human error made by individuals and organisations.

To know more about our Human Factors, or other online training courses, please send e-mail to me.



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