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With e-Learning you can save money!

According to IATA Three billion people and 47 million metric tons of cargo were transported by air in 2012. That activity supported some 57 million jobs and about 3.5% of global GDP and the volume will be doubled in next ten years.

Aviation sector’s costs are high and margins thin, globally only 1.2% net profit margins, which is forcing airlines and industry players to form new partnerships to save costs. Profitability is being delivered as a result of efficiency gains and improvements to the industry structure including mandatory training. The training is a key element of aviation safety and millions of employees are frequently trained according to international regulations.

We at believe that e-learning is one of the key element for decreased training costs. With e-learning, each time the course is accessed the return on investment improves because we divide the fixed production costs by number of uses. We also generate savings through decreased travel, reduced material and improved performance.

According to our latest study with one ground handling company, cost savings in training can be as high as 80% when comparing to traditional classroom training. Cost savings are so massive that I personally recommend you and your company to allocate some time to have a closer look on this topic and you will be amazed.


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