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  • Ari Ketola

Webinar: Affordable and Measurable ULD Safety Training in Virtual Reality

This week, we participated in a webinar organized by ULD CARE that focused on Virtual Reality ULD Training. The webinar had more than 100 participants who were able to follow expert presentations, including the Virtual Reality Training demo presented by Ari Ketola, COO of Airport College. The webinar also featured a panel session with stakeholders from various sectors of the aviation industry.

"Hey Carl, you're on mute!"

The panellists shared their opinions and answers the questions raised by the audience as how Virtual Reality Training can be used to increase ULD awareness, and improve skills of all employees participating ULD operations. The panellists were:

  • Fabio Gamba, Managing Director, Airport Services Association

  • Markus Schneefuss, Director of Operations, Frankfurt Cargo Services

  • Manoj Menon, Manager, ULD Logistics, Emirates

  • Bob Rogers, Vice President, ULD CARE

  • Urs Wiesendanger, President of ULD CARE

  • Pertti Mero, CEO, Airport College International

Screenshot of the Container Inspection in Virtual Reality

The webinar demonstrated, in practical terms, how to deliver affordable and measurable ULD training across the aviation ecosystem, within airport and off-airport areas. The demo showed how realistic the virtual reality application is, how easy it is to use and how it is seamlessly embedded into the eLearning content and the LMS.

One major topic in the panel and presentations, was the fact that many people have been away from their normal work, and VR is a great way to refresh their skills in a very realistic way. Another point made was that, as aviation is recovering, the lack of skilled workforce will quickly be on everyone's agenda, and VR can be a great help ramping up new talents.

Here are some answers to a few more questions that weren't answered during the webinar due to limited time:

  • Is it possible to get other types of containers for VR training as well? Yes it is. LD3 was selected because it's very widely used around the world, but other container types can be done easily.

  • Can the container be changed/rebranded with other airline logos and ULD serial number? We are prepared to change logos and the visual identity of the container. We are also able to make new language versions when the need is real.

  • Can you offer VR training to other operations too? Yes, we already have Aircraft Walkaround Check in Virtual Reality and we will soon release two more VR Training courses for the ramp: Belt Loader Operation in Virtual Reality and High Loader Operation in Virtual Reality

We sincerely thank all the panelists, Bob Rogers from ULD Care and the webinar moderator Carl Mavromichalis organising the event, and we're looking forward to contributing when its needed again.

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