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  • Ari Ketola

We Have Made VR Training Available for All Ground Handlers

Updated: May 29, 2021

Accessing real aviation equipment, such as Aircraft, GSEs and ULDs for hands-on training is often costly and sometimes very difficult to arrange. In Virtual Reality trainees can practice skills in a safe and realistic environment. Some of the drills may consist of situations or incidents which are not even possible to practice in real life.

We have integrated advanced VR training modules into our online digital training portfolio with a seamless integration to the other course content and LMS. Our integrated solutions and global client base enable us to provide high-impact VR Training to all ground handlers around the world at a very competitive price.

VR Training to Improve and Measure Skills

The majority of skills that people learn comes from experiential “learning by doing” types of training, especially in entry-level professions. Virtual reality provides an effective way to allow learners to get hands-on experience without actually executing the job. This is a natural way of learning for many people, and it also supports high retention rates after the training sessions.

With the built-in scenario banks and contextual feedback engine we can offer every learner a training experience which improves their skills and their success can be automatically measured.

Three VR Training Courses Ready for You

We have combined training and gaming elements into our VR training solutions and have three training courses with VR simulations available for our clients.

These are:

  • Aircraft Walkaround Check VR Training

  • Container Inspection VR Training

  • Pallet Inspection VR Training

More VR Training with New Features Coming Soon

We will take aviation training to the next level and provide two new courses in the near future for all ground handlers around the world at very competitive prices. New VR courses are:

  • Aircraft Belt Loader VR Training

  • Aircraft High Loader VR Training

Contact Us for a Demo Session

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or about arranging a VR demo session for you.

With best regards, Pertti


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