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Training plan and budget for 2016

A training plan outlines the training that learners are expected to complete over a stated period of time. You can use a training plan to estimate the learning needs, schedules of delivering the training and the training budget.

When budgeting the training you very often take last years figures and use those with adjustments, a bit less or a bit more  depending the demand. These figures will be then used as a guideline for next year.

At we have developed easy-to-use training calculation tools to help companies to find out the real cost of the training. It’s eye opening to find out the real cost of training. By comparing different options it is easy to see how cost effective  eLearning can be.It’s not only money what you can save with e-learning. With high quality eLearning you can have standard and proven interactive content that challenges and engages learner. This is not automatically the case in class room training if the instructor is not qualified or just has a bad day.

This time of a year, you might work with next year’s budget and are looking for savings. We can help you with e-learning to save money and time.

If you would like to know more about us and our services please check or send your request by e-mail directly to me.

Pertti Mero CEO, Founding Partner


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