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Skilled personnel promotes business

A skilled and motivated personnel is a key success factor for Airpro, a ground handling company based in Finland. Their business has shown growth and a we are proud to continuously support this development.

Airpro provides high-quality ground handling services for the aviation business at 16 airports in Finland. Airpro is among the first IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) -registered ground service providers in the Nordic countries.

10.000 course certificates at Airpro

This week Airport College International handed a recognition of 10.000 course certificates to Airpro in their Helsinki-Vantaa Airport office.

Official recognition of 10.000 course certificates handed by Pertti Mero and Ari Ketola to the Airpro training team.

Continuous development

Airpro encourages its employees to participate in continuous development by supporting the training and development of professional skills using multiple methods. Professional competences must meet the job specific skills profiles and international training requirements. Airport College eLearning courses play a central role in running continuous recurrent training for Airpro staff.

We can support your training too

Airport College International is an expert at helping all sizes of airlines, ground handlers and logistics companies to create a perfect set of training. The aim is to fulfil requirements, promote employee satisfaction and organizational development.

Please send me an email to open a dialogue regarding your company needs.

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