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Revolution of online training in the aviation industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the aviation industry, cutting passenger capacity by over 90% and leading to massive staff lay-offs.

Triggered by the crisis and driven by digital transformation, a revolution in corporate training is now happening.

My colleague, Mr. Teemu Patala, wrote a white paper focusing on the impacts of COVID-19 in competence development of Ground Handling Companies and outlining what needs to be taken into account when providing proper training for an entire workforce in the future.

The white paper:

  1. Outlines digital means and methods of learning

  2. It proposes a set of solutions that will guide companies through these challenging times

In order to help management and HR departments streamline their training provision, empowered by digital enablers.

The white paper is now available online and you can download it from below.

Do you want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of online training, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.



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