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Pandemic – An Opportunity For Innovative Thinking

The COVID-19 crisis, among all the negative aspects, also brings an opportunity for innovation and digital transformation to the aviation industry, and especially in airport ground handling. It is unlikely that ground handling companies will continue with the same old internal processes and concepts, including training, once international traffic returns back to “normal”. Now it’s a great time to review processes and to transform e.g. digital training into better response business needs.

It is expected that the successful ground handling companies will be those that are able to control costs and execute company training efficiently according to international training requirements, while preparing to ramp up their operations. We at Airport College International believe that eLearning is an integral part of that process, this is also confirmed by many of our clients around the world.

Ground handling companies now have the time and opportunity to prepare themselves for digital training, if they are not yet fully prepared.

Ensure that employees’ competences, knowledge and attitudes are OK

You can use flexible training solutions and perhaps provide part of the training as online, even before your staff comes back to the airport and the logistics business.

This will allow people to orientate themselves back into the working mode and also shorten the entire re-training process. Professionally built online eLearning training courses are the part of the digital solutions portfolio you need for a smooth restart.

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