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News from the Philippines

The Sangley Airport in Cavite was on track for its scheduled operational dry run on October 29.

Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and Cebu Pacific were some of the airlines that have agreed to use the new airport upon its completion.

Cebu Pacific also plans to use Stanley Airport as it’s turboprop cargo fleet hub.

The Clark International Airport, north of Manila runs a project for the future. The Clark International Airport Project (CIAP) aims to improve connectivity, drive economic growth, increase trade and create employment opportunities across the region.

Pertti Mero and Dino Santos with Makroasia Ground Service’s training management in Manila.

Meeting Ground Handling Agents

This week Airport College International met several Ground Handling Agents in Manila.

More passengers and cargo around the Philippines

We learned that recently established ground handling arrangements play a significant role when supporting airlines’ daily operations and future growth.

All players, including Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) confirmed that training plays an important role when Ground Handling Agents provide services for airlines.

During the week we met several companies and the people we met all found our online training service useful.

Click to watch one minute video: Airport College enters the Philippines.

Stay tuned – Next week we’ll have more news from Asia

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