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IATA’s latest study: More aviation training is needed

IATA published the results of a global survey highlighting key challenges in talent acquisition, training and retention. According to respondents, 73% expect the major areas of job growth to be in ground operations, customer service and cabin crew. They also reported that finding new talent is a challenge due to the lack of candidates with the right skill levels and qualifications. On top of that only 28% of respondents reported that current training is effective.

The global aviation HR professionals also stated that organisations are seeking external partners to improve the effectiveness of the training.

We at Airport College International can help you obtain and maintain competences required by clients and authorities.

The main benefits of our solutions are:

1.Training content is relevant We help our clients select from our ready made eLearning courses and/or we can tailor make courses according to the clients specific needs.

2.Convenience and flexibility eLearning courses are self-paced – learning is available 24/7.

3.Engaging learner Our training courses utilize interactive content with exercises engaging the learner and improving retention.

4.Consistent information e-Learning solutions deliver consistent information where correct understanding is vigorously checked throughout the learning experience.

5.Cost-efficiency training service is a cost-effective method of learning delivery in which an instructor, classroom and travel are redundant.

We know how to reach these benefits

We know what steps you need to take to reach the benefits. No matter if your organisation has 100, 1000 or more employees. We can scale our service to meet  your needs. Just select courses you require from our ever growing course shelf and start your training.

So what do you think? We can help you move forward and ensure implementation of high quality training!

Please drop me an email to know more.



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