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Free ULD Awareness Videos

Airport College International and ULD CARE provide free video tools for the air cargo and ground handling industries. The concept includes a series of multiple-language videos for ULD inspection, handling and storage.

60 Second Videos About Safe ULD Inspection, Handling and Storage

The following free videos are available to reduce damage and repair costs as well as improving safety:

Container Inspection in 60 seconds video

This video highlights the main points of container inspection.

Pallet Inspection in 60 seconds video

This video highlights the main points of pallet and net inspection.

Pallet Build up in 60 seconds video

This video highlights the main steps of pallet build-up process.

ULD Transportation in 60 seconds video

This video summarises all important aspects of how to safely move ULDs from trucks to terminal, inside the cargo terminal and around the apron area.

Click here https://www.uld60seconds.com/training-videos to learn more what you can get!

Airport College International and ULD CARE work together for safer aviation

The purpose of our cooperation is to provide resources, skills and experience for aviation industry globally.

Combining the eLearning expertise of Airport College International and the ULD subject matter knowledge of ULD CARE ULD60seconds is a series of 60 seconds long videos that convey basic principles of safe and efficient ULD operations using effective video techniques.

A sustainable aviation industry requires continuing diligence when it comes to safety, especially given the challenging physical conditions and high personnel turnover that characterise many operating environments.

Thousands of Ground Handling Staff Take Our Online Courses Every Year

Our online courses are used in more than 140 countries around the world. Airport College International is proud to offer online eLearning courses in several languages to support your company training needs.

We at Airport College are actively looking for new clients and would like to provide you with our solutions for tackling industry-wide challenges.

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