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Airport College International is pleased to announce that the ongoing Roadshow in four Japanese cities Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo has been successful.

Airport College International is excited to provide all aviation and logistic related companies operating in Japan new opportunities to re-think their training and achieve massive cost savings. All this is made possible with our new high tech e-Learning service that promotes learner retention in a unique new way and enables superior quality and economics.

“One-to-one meetings with clients allow us to be a true, strategic training partner for current and new potential clients in Japan”, says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero.

“This new innovative e-Learning content and learning tracking service suits perfectly to Japan,” says Airport College International Takeshi Yokoyama.” My aim is to support the success of our clients with efficient just-on-time training that ensures that their personnel training meets international requirements”.

Review the Airport College International courses ( and check our latest offerings.

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