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Airport College International K.K. joins Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ)

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan promotes trade and economic exchange between Japan and Finland

“We are pleased to welcome Airport College International K.K. to our organization and we will support them in expanding their business in Japan through our network and with our services,” notes Clas Bystedt, Executive Director of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ).

“The FCCJ prides itself on having almost all Finnish companies in Japan as members. This also gives more leverage to us in promoting the business interest in Japan,” says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero”

There are a couple of exciting years for Finland in Japan

In 2019 we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan when there will be a wide variety of events promoting Finnish business and culture. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics provide another opportunity to highlight Finnish companies in Japan through a large scale pavilion in the planning.

About FCCJ

The Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan was established on 26 of April 1999 and was approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Japan on 19 July 1999. The main purpose of FCCJ is to promote trade and economic exchange between Japan and Finland.

FCCJ is a non-profit organization operated by annual membership fees and proceeds from advertising related to the publishing activities.

The main part of the membership corps consists of Finnish companies established in Japan and Japanese companies having, or aiming at business operations with Finland. The Chamber has currently 62 corporate, two special and 20 individual members.


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