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Jan Käppi

Head of Regulatory Compliance

Airport College International Ltd.

Mr. Jan Käppi is the head of regulatory compliance issues at Airport College International Ltd. As a highly experienced expert in aviation safety and security he ensures that AC’s training content complies with the latest requirements and guidelines. His expertise has been utilised for training and lecturing in Scandinavia and Europe, and from North America to Asia. Jan is a pioneer and expert in developing high-class training material for the aviation industry.


Mr Käppi started his career in the aviation industry in the 1990s specialising in Dangerous Goods and AVSEC in various positions such as Instructor for IATA ITDI, Instructor for Securitas, Training Manager for Finsecpro and Civil servant for European Institutes.

Mr Käppi is experienced in security and safety training and consultancy for the transportation industry, government bodies and international organisations.

Merits & Qualifications

  • IATA Registered Instructor

  • ACC3 - EU Independent Air Cargo Security Validator

  • Full AVSEC instructor approval

  • DGR CAT6 instructor

  • Airport/heliport security programs and audits

  • Co-founder of Airport College International Ltd.



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