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eLearning Service for Airlines, Airport Ground Handling and Logistics

Online self-study training courses for

operational staff to acquire required competences and update skills regularly

Comments from Clients


“  online training service allows us to train our staff efficiently according to the international requirements. Our training has been approved in several airline safety and quality audits.”

Timo Venäläinen

Quality & Safety Manager

Airpro Oy, Finland


online training service 
we were able to run 
thousands of courses 
in a very short time.”

See-Wing Law
Head of Training
Sharp Aviation K, Inc.


“We, our members and 
Airport College introduced 
Air Cargo Security 
Awareness Training 
for truck drivers and cargo 
terminal employees. The 
program was first of its 
kind in Europe and over 
5000 have completed it.”

Pekka Aaltonen, CEO
The Association of Logistic 
Enterprises in Finland

Courses and Services


Courses and Services

Today anyone who works in airport operations or logistics must be trained according to their job function. This includes initial training to acquire required competences and regular recurrent trainings to maintain and update them. Increasing training needs and global competition creates demand for more cost-efficient training solutions. online courses are available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Finnish and Swedish.

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