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Ari Ketola

Chief Operating Officer

Airport College International Ltd.

Mr. Ari Ketola is the Chief Operating Officer of Airport College International Ltd (AC). He oversees the company’s business operations, optimises operating capabilities, maximises customer satisfaction and manages marketing initiatives.



Mr Ketola started his career in the aviation industry in the 90s as a Trainer and Training Coordinator for Finnair Training and Development Services. Soon after that he started focusing on the technology aspects of e-learning, as well as quality systems and management, and was in charge of running numerous strategic eLearning development initiatives in different industries.

With his profound understanding and extensive experience in the design of user-friendly online learning systems, Ari ensures AC’s courses and online services are of the highest quality.

Merits & Qualifications

  • Technical expert and leader of AC’s User Experience & Support Team

  • Certified Trainer of Air Cargo Operations and IATA Certified Dangerous Goods Instructor

  • Experience of over 150 Safety and Security related eLearning projects

  • Co-founder of Airport College International Ltd.



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